Saturday, March 11, 2017

Children / young adult titles.

My most favorable children’s story I’ve written titled, Paddle Tail, is now available in Audio at Amazon – Audible & iTunes. Created through, Audio Creations Exchange (ACX). Narrated by the very talented, ‘Estela Mercado.’  Paddle Tail is the first title in the series of stories.  I’m sure your youngsters will enjoy listening to night after night, and Mom & Dad you will enjoy reading to them as well. The second story is titled, Paddle Tail’s First Winter Adventure and the third is titled, Paddle Tail’s First Day at School. These stories – about the adorable little beaver born without a tail - will surely peak their interest, and the timely issue of bullying is touched upon.
“You can see all my children’s titles at the below links.”

Audible Creations Exchange (ACX).


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